Launch your start-up the right way.

This page is dedicated to people who are planning to start their venture today and want to be legally prepared for the steps ahead.

Key Stages in a Startup's life

Defining Idea

One of your biggest concerns is protecting your idea. This can come in the form of Intellectual Property (IP) registrations or well-written contracts.

Demo Launch

If you’re launching your product or service online, you’ll need to take care of a few legal requirements such as Terms and Conditions, a Privacy Policy and a Cookies Policy.


Creating a registered company means you will have to decide the rules within the company – bylaws – and you will have to decide the rules within your business partners – a shareholders’ agreement. These are essential to ensure that your company is built on a strong foundation.

Raise Capital

There are many ways to inject cash into your business. Depending on your strategy, you should think about Stock Options and Vesting Agreements, as well as all the legal paperwork that goes along with an investment round.

Share Ideas and Feel Safe

When you are working on your business idea you want to be assured that it will not be used by someone whom you trusted to share about it in the first place. In order to prevent that you should have a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Hire Team and Incorporate Business

You have decided what type of company you want to create and how you want to proceed. The most common type chosen by start-ups is a limited liability company and in most parts of the world you will need a Shareholders Agreement, By-Laws Agreement and Employment Agreements.

Product Launch

Like most businesses you most probably too will have a website that will be used for representation purposes and even more. It is important to have Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy just to be compliant with GDPR standards. If you are doing business in a regulated industry you should consult with a legal professional on how to comply with legal standards.

Raise Money

When you are at the stage to raise capital for your venture, you will want to make sure that your interests are protected and at the same time make your business legal infrastructure attractive for investors.

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