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Our support page is organised in three sections.

The legolex full contacts page is here


Start a live chat now

Look out for our live chat tool that you’ll see on the side of most pages Monday–Thursday 8am–7pm Friday 8am – 4pm. Outside of those hours you’ll be able to leave us a message and we’ll get back to you.


Our team are here for your calls Monday–Thursday 8am–7pm Friday 8am – 4pm.

If you are a client

Our overview for clients is here

If your support need is not answered on our How it Works page or FAQs, then it may be best to contact us by the methods above.

We are a small team with a laser focus on getting our service right for our clients and prospective clients. Please feel free to contact using any of the methods described.

If you have just registered with us, we will have sent you an automated email to confirm the details you sent to us. You need to click the “Confirm” link in that email to confirm the contact email is yours and only when that happens will your request be looked at by our staff.

I registered but did not receive an email from Legolex.

Our automated emails generally arrive in 1 to 3 minutes, sometimes client spam filters catch these emails, please check that your spam filter is not holding the email. If you cannot find the email you will need to register again and take care to enter your email address correctly. If this does not work, then contact our support line above and we will investigate for you.

Once we have your request we will contact you to discuss your legal needs.

The registration form is brief as we feel it is difficult to summarise every legal need in a form. Our trained staff will contact you and help you create a service request that we can use to get you the best offers from our exclusive network of legal professionals.

I have just submitted my enquiry on the website.

After your registration we will arrange with you by email a convenient time to talk with you. From your brief registration details we will help you build a full and sufficiently detailed outline of your case for our network of legal professional to make offers for your case.

What languages can I use.

Our support staff are multilingual, fluent in at least Spanish and English. The lawyers in our exclusive network can work in a wide variety of languages. You can specify a language requirement in your service request.

I have a query about my service request.

If you have a query regarding your request for legal support, please contact us by email or phone and we will respond promptly to you. If you have proceeded to work with a lawyer, we will only be able to give you their contact details as your discussions with a lawyer are privileged and we cannot access those of enquire about them. We will be able to help you with any new requests you may have.

I am unhappy with my Lawyer.

If you are unhappy with the performance of your lawyer or the fees charged, we can invoke a dispute resolution process that all our service providers have agreed to follow. We charge a nominal fee for invoking the dispute resolution process but will refund that fee if your claim is upheld.

I have been asked to complete the Legolex advanced Identity Check.

All lawyers have an obligation to confirm the identity of the persons and companies they provide services to.  Your lawyer may ask you to provide those details to Legolex as Legolex offer a managed identity service for lawyers that is convenient, robust and cost effective.

If You are a Service Provider

Our overview for Service Providers is here

I am a registered service provider with a query.

Please contact you dedicated account manager.  The contact details of  your account manager will be on your most recent account statement or you can call our office on +34 91 0601534 and they will arrange for your account manager to call you back on one of the contact numbers we have on record for you. Unfortunately, we cannot call you back on any number that has not previously been registered with us.

I would like to find out more about registering as a service provider.

If you are a legal professional looking for a convenient way to find new clients, then please contact our account management team on with your contact details and we will get back to you promptly.

I don’t want a pressure sales call, can’t you just explain how it works without someone calling to push me into signing up?

OK, FYI, we don’t do pressure sales, our service speaks for itself, but we do understand your scepticism. We’ll explain our service briefly here.

We are a matching service, matching clients to legal service providers. Unlike some other legal service marketing tools; we DO NOT ask you to bid tokens or any other pseudo currency in a closed auction to receive client contact details.

WE DO charge a monthly subscription fee or a commission fee for service providers to be part of the Legolex network and meet new clients.

Your most popular subscription fee is €50 per month and some pay more, do those paying more get a preferential treatment?

The more expensive subscription fees are for premium partners who must have at least 100 years of staff experience in the specialist area that they have subscribed to.  You can see who our premium partners are and the specialist fields they have subscribed to in our directory.

Premium partners get a 24hour head start on client cases that fit the specialism of the premium partner AND where, in the opinion of Legolex, the expected fees will be in excess of €5000.   For these cases we think that the client is best served by a legal service provider with significant demonstrated competence in the subject matter. After 24 hours the client case is published to the wider marketplace and service providers on a regular or free introductory subscription can send offers to the client.

So, I will always get to see every client request.

NO, sometimes a client will use our directory and ask for their requirement to be published only to a specified list of service providers or will have specified a limited geographic area, language or other criteria. Sometimes a client will specify an exclusion list where the client feels there is a conflict of interest.

Will I know who the client is when I make an offer to them.

NO, we withhold the client’s identity and contact details. If a client likes your offer, then they may contact you and only then will you know who the client is.

When I make an offer the client will see it straight away?

NO, offers from multiple legal service providers are collated over a 12 hour to 72 hour period according to the clients urgency. Then, Legolex staff briefly review the offers and make a recommendation of the top offers the client should consider.  These top offers are sent in full to the client.  Other offers are available for the client to review if they wish.

The legolex staff reviewing service provider offers are qualified lawyers.

The client can select more than one offer to follow up on and if a client is satisfied after talking with a service provider then the client and service provider will engage and contract with each other directly. Legolex plays no part in contracts between a client and the service provider and Legolex plays no part in the delivery of the legal services to the client.

How do Legolex staff decide which offers are recommended as top offers? Do premium service providers get an advantage?

Offers from premium service providers are evaluated by legolex in exactly the same way as every other offer.

Legolex staff review offers according to the client’s preferences in the original service request and Legolex’s assessment of the offer in respect of transparency regarding fees, other charges and lawyer competency in the specialised area.

For each offer made, Legolex provides brief feedback to the service provider on how their offer was assessed and if it was considered a top offer or not.

Are you just going to recommend the cheapest every time?

Legal costs are a primary concern for many but not all clients, of equal concern to clients are competency, experience and personal chemistry.  It depends on the subject matter where the bias is. Some legal needs are very matter of fact, even mechanical in nature and these are likely selected by clients based on cost. Other legal needs can be very involved and personal, while cost is a factor in these cases , experience and client empathy can be equally important to a successful client/lawyer relationship.

Whatever the case we always consider if an offer is making clear all the costs, direct and indirect.  Offers that do not bring to a client’s attention all of the costs and possible outcomes are unlikely to be recommended by legolex.

Can I see what other service providers are offering and for how much.

NO and NO.

After the client has entered into an arrangement with a service provider, we will tell you if your offer was recommended by us and why. We will tell you if your offer was the cheapest but not by how much.

When I find a client through Legolex is the client mine or yours.

The client is yours and we expect that you will take the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with them. Nothing in our Terms and Conditions restricts Service Providers or Clients from working together at any time in the future.  As a service provider you pay a subscription for the opportunity to make offers to clients who chose to use Legolex.

Of course clients are free to return to Legolex , if they wish, to advertise further legal requirements and we encourage them to do that. As a service provider you might find some of your existing clients using our Legolex service to “benchmark” the services they receive from their existing legal counsel.

Your way of working is quite different, why is that?

Yes, we are different. There are many legal service marketplaces and our observation is that many of them operate on a bidding or auction basis where providers offer to “buy” a client from the marketplace.   The buy price for a new client can often be hundreds of Euros. The service provider that pays the most for a client gets the clients contact details.  We can see how this works for the operators of those marketplaces but we feel that the secret back office auction process works against clients’ interests putting clients into the hands of Lawyers that have to squeeze the most fees from their clients to cover the extra costs of buying the client.

Our approach is to find the legal service provider that is most appropriate for a particular client request. We assist clients by reviewing offers and matching them to the client’s own preferences. We believe in transparency and for that reason every offer made by a service provider for a client request is available to the client to see.

Our subscription and commission fees for service providers are modest and our way of working puts the client first.  The choice of which service provider offer to accept is in the hands of the client, that choice is not made behind closed doors in a process that is best suited to the marketplace operators. In our marketplace the cost of getting new business is less than many other advertising routes and service providers do not have to raise fees to cover the marketplace costs.

So how does Legolex make money.

Legolex charges subscription and commission fees and these are designed to cover our costs in operating the marketplace.