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Get quick answers from specialist lawyers easily through our system.

Meet your specialist lawyer today online or by phone at a time convenient for you.

Understand clearly the next steps.

Understand clearly the resolution for your problem.

Confidently take your case forward.

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I am Kevin Sullivan, owner of Sully’s Burgers and the Legolex team has been instrumental in supporting the start-up of my business.

I was put in touch with legal support at very short notice to resolve a number of problems. It is clear that without their services I would not have as much confidence in the future that I have now.

Kevin S., Sully's Burgers

“I had a great experience working with Legolex to find an appropriate lawyer for my startup.

Legolex was quick to respond and maintained follow up communication throughout the process. I was able to meet with a great legal team in a matter of days after submitting my inquiry. Calum and team are terrific, I highly recommend Legolex.”

Ashley Brodfuehrer,


Historic Blogs


Historic Blogs

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Access to Quality Services

  1. Work with top quality specialist law firms that have made the grade to participate in the Legolex network.
  2. Receive detailed proposals, clearly indicating costs, timeframes and risks.
  3. Receive multiple offers and feel free to choose between them without pressure.

Enjoy Peace of mind

  1. Using Legolex means lawyers feel our pressure to do well by you. If a lawyer was to let a client of ours down they could forfeit their Legolex registration.
  2. We make sure that appropriate lawyers are assigned on your case.
  3. We are here throughout and always willing to provide support.