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What is Legolex 2019-09-24T10:34:01+00:00

The purpose of this website is to select and arrange legal counsel for clients. Clients can enter into the website their service request which will be advertised to one or more, perhaps all, Service Providers as the Client may specify in their Service Request. Service providers may or may not respond with Service Request Responses that the client may then select for further discussion with the Service Provider or dismiss as the client may feel appropriate. The client is under no obligation to proceed with any service provider.

Clients may engage with a Service Provider at any time and proceed from a Service Request Response to request Service Provider Work Package. Where a Service Provider offers a Work Package and the Client accepts then the Client and Service Provider are obligated to each other to the extent of the work package and any fees identified in the Work Package.

How does it work 2019-09-24T10:35:18+00:00

You fill out a very brief form and we will contact you at a time you prefer. A Legolex specialist interviewer will listen to your need and draft a service request for review. When You have approved the service request, we will start the process of finding you a lawyer. In normal circumstances it takes 24 hours to receive and review offers and then send you our recommended offers.

When you have your offers, you can choose or decline as you see fit. You have no obligation to proceed with any of the offers. If you need further clarification, then you can always ask.

When you make your choice, if you decide to proceed, then you will make a contract directly with the lawyer(s) whose offer(s) you have selected for closer examination.

Privileged Communications 2019-09-24T10:36:10+00:00

Service Requests are not privileged communications for the purpose of data discovery and disclosure. Service Requests and Service Request Responses may be analysed by Legolex to ensure the smooth operation of the website and the LegoLex legal services marketplace and Legolex may suggest to client’s changes in their Service Requests to improve Service Provider Response rates. Where clients have made Service Requests to the entire Service Provider membership then we may direct and prompt suitable Service Providers to respond. Legolex may share Service Requests and Service Request Responses with our technical partners and 3rd parties in an anonymous and aggregated manner.

When clients engage with one or more specific Service Providers after receiving a Service Request Response or engaging with a Service Provider then these and all subsequent communications are privileged communications. Privileged Communications will not be reviewed by Legolex unless either of the parties to the Privileged Communication initiate the Legolex dispute resolution process. Where the dispute resolution process is initiated Legolex will select a panel of suitable and impartial legal professionals to review and make a non-binding determination.

We may share Work Packages and changes to Work Packages with our technical partners and 3rd parties in an anonymous and aggregated manner.

Is there a charge to use Legolex 2019-09-24T10:37:22+00:00

Clients are not charged by Legolex for making Service Requests

Service providers are charged a subscription fee or commission for access to the Legolex marketplace where they may see and respond to Service Requests.

If Legolex charge service providers , surely as a Client I’ll end up paying that. 2019-09-24T10:40:28+00:00

Every business has costs associated with finding and retaining clients, be that advertising or commissions. Service providers are choosing to work with Legolex as they recognise that we are a cost effective and efficient way of finding clients.

Legolex subscriptions for service providers are similar to advertising costs in that they are fixed for a period and are unrelated to the value of business they generate. Some Service Providers prefer to use Legolex on a commission basis and where this is the case Legolex cap the aggregate commissions paid in a calendar month by any individual Service Provider. Legolex collates offers from lawyers and highlights, in our opinion, good offers based on competency and preferences expressed by the client. All Service Provider offers received by Legolex are available for a client to review directly.

It looks like Legolex works the same way as every other “find a lawyer” website 2019-09-24T10:41:25+00:00

We don’t think so (but we would say that)

Behind the scenes there are lots of ways we are different, firstly we are transparent and open about how we make money and for what Service Providers pay us.

But the most important difference is that we make lawyer recommendations based on competency and client preferences, we allow the client to make the choice either from our recommendation or from any of the offers received from Service Providers.

We do not ask Service providers to “bid” for work. Some of our competitors operate a bidding auction and only the lawyer that offers the highest bid to the marketplace owner is given the contact details of the client. We think such a bidding system is unlikely to find the best lawyer for a client, we think it will find the lawyer who aims to make the most fees from a client.

How does Legolex make money 2019-09-24T10:44:21+00:00

Legolex charges Service Providers a fixed subscription fee according to their subscription level which is related to the number of lawyers they want on Legolex and the “Tier level” level desired by the Service provider.

Some Service Providers prefer to use Legolex on a commission basis and where this is the case Legolex cap the aggregate commissions paid in a calendar month by any individual Service Provider.

Legolex aims to cover its costs in building and operating the Legolex marketplace and show a modest profit from that work.

Legolex provides advanced legal tech solutions to service providers that use it’s marketplace. Some legal tech is wholly owned by Legolex and some is provided by technology partners. Legolex charges fees on a usage basis for each legal tech service that Service Providers choose to use. Service Providers are not obligated to use any of the legal tech services and the level of Legal Tech service fees paid by Service Providers is not a consideration in selecting Service Provider offers for Clients.

How does Legolex determine the most appropriate lawyers for each Service Request. 2019-09-24T10:50:38+00:00

Legolex considers the legal subject matter domain, matching to Service Providers with a competency in that domain.

Legolex also estimates the fee potential of each service request. Service requests with, in the opinion of Legolex, higher fee potential are offered first to Service Providers in Tier 1 before being offered to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Service providers. Service Requests that, in the opinion of Legolex, are lower in fee potential are offered to qualified Service Providers at all Tier levels.

Legolex aims to recommended offers from 3 different Service Providers so Clients have a choice. Where legolex gets more than 3 offers, legolex will state how many offers from Service providers have been received and if the Client desires, Legolex will provide all offers received.

Legolex only offers Service Requests to Service Providers where Legolex reasonably believes the Service Provider has competency.

So a Service provider can just pay to be in Tier 1 to be at the front of the queue 2019-09-24T10:54:09+00:00

Not quite, to be in Tier 1 a service provider must have 50 years of competency in each legal domain that they want to receive Service Requests for.

50 years competency might be 3 staff each with 20 years practice in the domain or it might be 8 staff with 7 years each.

Service Provider staff with less than 7 years practice cannot be counted towards Tier competency.

To be at the front of the queue (in Tier 1 ) for the most profitable work Service Providers have to demonstrate a significant competency as well as pay a relatively modest subscription.

To prevent “ringers”, each Service Provider staff member and their years of practice is validated by Legolex and a staff member can only be credited to one Service provider for the purpose of achieving a Tier ranking.

I can’t afford a lawyer , what can I do. 2019-08-08T06:54:53+00:00

Many of our Service Providers have contingent fee and finance insurance options, If your case is good and in the opinion of a Service Provider and legal insurer is likely to be successful then it may be possible to arrange insurance to cover the fees in case the case is lost. To find out if this is possible you only have to ask.

Will I be anonymous 2019-09-24T10:55:47+00:00

We at Legolex will know who you are but service providers will not be told your name or address. Service providers will only see the service request that you have submitted. Once you select a Service provider offer you will need to share your identity and full case details with your chosen Service Provider to proceed.