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JC Legaltech is a core team of 5 working full time lead by Justas and Calum, two law graduates from IE university in Spain and a wider team of contributors including many experienced lawyers providing news articles.

Upon graduation from IE university the easy decision would have been to accept offers from one of the big law firms and start down the well trodden path in the hope that we would make partner status in a decade or two.  For sure that is what our families were hoping as well.

We had a different idea, we have set out to use technology to make legal services better, quicker, cheaper and in doing that make the best legal services accessible to everyone with a need.  Pro-bono work performed as part of our studies had shown the need to improve both awareness of and access to legal services.

While at IE university we received a solid grounding in law and became passionate about using the latest AI and legal technologies to transform the legal industry.

It was clear that legal tech can be expensive to develop and only the biggest law firms have deep enough pockets to take advantage. Many opportunities to improve the legal industry are being missed and the rate of evolution is frustratingly slow.

Legolex is the core platform developed by JC legaltech.

The name LegoLex comes from two latin words Lego and Lex which roughly translate as “bring together” and “law”.

Legolex aims to bring all the pieces of the jigsaw together to make a better image of the legal industry.

On the face of it Legolex looks like a price comparison site for legal services and we’re sure you’ve seen similar things before.  The real magic is less what legolex does but how it does it with full transparency and lower costs for clients and lawyers.  There is more technical magic being worked on behind the scenes improving access for law firms of all sizes to advanced legal tech as Legolex develops a portfolio of legal tech micro services which lawyers can use on a PAYG  basis without committing huge sums.

let us find the best lawyer for you and you’ll be helping the evolution along, one client at a time.

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