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I want to start operating my business today

I need to be legally complying with standards

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I need a good contract that protects me

I want to be legally prepared for investors

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How it works?

1. Schedule a Free Consultation

You will fill out a short form on the website, and we will contact you to arrange a time and date for a call. During this call, we will assess your case, present you with possible routes for resolving it without the need of lawyers. However, if the legal problem is more complex then we shall take care of it.

2. Preparation of Fee Proposal

As soon as we finish the initial consultation and find out that there is an urgent matter that needs to be overseen by legal experts, we will proceed with the preparation of a fee proposal including details of what needs to be done, when and for how much in each stage.

3. Presentation of Fee Proposal

We will have a presentation meeting where we will go over the nitty gritty details of what should be done, when and at what costs. Once the client is happy with thee proposal and wishes to move on further, we will begin the work.

4. Stay Connected with Your Legal Partner

Immediately you will be given access to an online project management tool where you will be able to see all the legal work that is being done in real time. You will be able to review work, confirm actions, sign and share documents all from one place.

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